Friday, November 28, 2008

    Scott Matthew - 27.11.2008, Barcelona - Razzmatazz 3


    01 Surgery
    02 Track 02 (new?)
    03 Amputee
    04 Balladeer
    05 Little Bird
    06 Abandoned
    07 Laziest Lie
    08 Habit
    09 Upside Down
    10 In the End
    11 New song
    12 Language
    13 New song
    14 Prescription

    15 This Guy's in Love with you


    recorded with: ZOOM H2


    Roberto Condado said...


    Esta noche quizá me pase a verle en Madrid, no lo tengo muy claro porque no he escuchado demasiado suyo.

    ¿Merece la pena?

    slejw said...

    síííí, vale la pena ir a verle en directo!

    Anonymous said...

    One of the 'new songs', the one that is 5:41 in length is titled 'For Dick' .. Not sure about Track 02 and the other 'new song' though. Great boot leg. Cheers!