Thursday, December 11, 2008

    PRIMAVERA CLUB 08 - Barcelona

    *** UPDATE (18/12/2008): We're very sorry, but due to some big technical problems some of the shows mentioned below won't be posted here. We'll do our best to post anything, but we can't tell when, because we're really busy at the moment. ***

    Original message:

    Hello again!

    The good news is we're recording some PC 08 shows (The Wave Pictures, Dodos, Deerhoof, Abe Vigoda and more). The bad news (don't be scared, it's not that bad) is that these bootlegs will be available here about 20.12 (we're leaving Barcelona for a few days right after the festival).

    But... to let you know which shows (or their parts) will be presented to you by Louder Than Bootlegs, we're going to make a list of recorded gigs here and update it every day. And, as you can see, the cover is ready too. Cheers!



    The Wave Pictures
    Darren Hayman & Jack Hayter play Hefner songs


    The Dodos
    Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan


    Espaldamaceta (one song)
    High Places
    Abe Vigoda
    La Buena Vida